Some of you may be wondering why a person like me, an outsider, would do this. The answer is simple. It’s because I should. When I look at Washington and all of the candidates aspiring to be there, I see very few of them making what I call “the original argument”, the one made in our founding document almost 242 years ago. I believe the Declaration of Independence is the most important, and most radical sheet of paper ever signed by man. But in spite of its importance and its stature as THE founding document of our republic, the Declaration and the principles that birthed it are rarely ever discussed by politicians. If you turn on the news today, you will see the so called elites laughing at the idea of natural God given rights, claiming (incorrectly) that our rights come from government. They point out how old the Declaration is, and because of “technology” and modern times, the Declaration and the Constitution just do not apply anymore. Of course they are wrong, but unfortunately there is very little push back on this “conventional wisdom” from the feckless Republicans in Washington. Simply put, the conservative movement is very weak intellectually. That’s why I am doing this. Rather than just sit around and complain, I felt that as someone who knows the truth, I had a duty to take advantage of this platform and speak it.
But do I have any chance of winning? You bet I do! My first focus is on winning the Republican Primary, and I believe that in spite of my low name recognition, I have a very good chance of pulling that off. I don’t want to get too far ahead of things, because the focus right now is indeed on the primary, but don’t believe for one second that a Republican can not win in the 5th district. In 2016, 273,544 people turned out to vote in the general election, with Stacy Snyder receiving 102,433 votes. So what’s my point, you might ask? Isn’t that a landslide? Well, sure it is, but 2016 was a presidential election year. Democrat voters are known for turning out in elections where a presidential candidate is on the ballot, but largely staying home, uninterested in “off years”. For example, in 2012, another presidential election year, 263,083 voters came out to vote in the 5th district, but in 2014 another “off year”, only 153,606 people voted in the 5th district general election. Representative Cooper won with only 95,635 votes, which is less than what Snyder received just two years ago. So if Democrats turn out at off year levels, and Republicans turn out in 2016 numbers, a Republican can very well win the 5th district. But in order to have any chance of winning, the Republican electorate must nominate a candidate who truly believes he can win.
That person is me, Glen Dean. Unlike in years past, when you absolutely had to have a lot of money supplied by lobbyists to get out your message, modern technology and especially social media, has empowered an “army of Davids”, to borrow a phrase coined by Glenn Reynolds, to do things that in the past they would never have had any chance of accomplishing. No, I am not saying that money no longer matters. I still need money, and I expect to raise a little. What I am saying though, is just that money does not matter nearly as much as it once did. The last presidential election is a perfect example. Clinton outspent Trump 2 to 1, but the Trump campaign utilized social media, free media, better than any other campaign in history. But he did not just post and re-post. He actually made an argument an appeal to the “forgotten man”, the one who is expected to pay for everything, the one whose rights are trounced on, in favor of the ruling class.
My arguments may not be the same as President Trump’s. I am much more conservative or classically liberal than populist, but I believe in them and will make them with the utmost enthusiasm. Unlike many Republicans, I believe that if you make the case for conservatism, conservatism can win. I don’t look at the 5th district electorate and say it’s a 60-40 Democrat district and give up. No, I actually believe that the philosophy of conservatism, if truly represented and truly argued, will appeal to enough of that other 60% to win. Conservatism is about individual liberty, the empowering of the individual, the freedom of choice. It’s an appealing message, but the case is never made. Instead, Republican candidates often conclude that in order to win, they have to be more “progressive” or “moderate”. What nonsense! Ronald Reagan won 49 states, including California, New York, and Illinois and he didn’t do it by “moderating” his principles. Neither will I.
Friends, if you have always voted Democrat, give me a chance, a listen. All I am asking for is a conversation. Republicans, don’t accept that you can’t win this district. When you vote in the primary on August 2, or when you early vote, vote for a candidate who actually believes he can win in November. Vote for Glen Dean.