It’s been fifteen months since Donald Trump referenced the “forgotten men and women” in his inaugural address. Speaking as someone who did not support him in the primary, I believe it was an excellent speech. It was brief, yet powerful. I was particularly struck though by his resurrection of the term “forgotten man”, which was most famously spoken by Franklin Roosevelt in a 1932 radio address, later inspiring a most excellent book by historian Amity Shlaes. Roosevelt however, did not invent the phrase. It was actually stolen from an 1883 essay, written by William Graham Sumner, a classically liberal (conservative) social scientist and professor at Yale. Now obviously Roosevelt’s forgotten man was nothing like Sumner’s. You might say that it was the direct opposite, just as modern liberalism is the direct opposite of classical liberalism. While Sumner’s forgotten man was written about the man who pays for the populist’s “reforms”, Roosevelt used the term as a populist, for the purpose of class warfare, very similar to, but evidently more effective than John Edwards’ “two Americas”.

 So why am I writing about this now, fifteen months after that inauguration address? Well simply, I have come to understand why Donald Trump exists and why the Democratic Party is losing, quite willingly I might add, the coalition that sustained itself for almost a century. The Democrat Party is essentially turning it’s back on, “forgetting” about a large population of people, hard working people who play by the rules, only to be looked down on by the elites, who label them as hicks, rednecks, racists, etc. These are the same elites, I might add, who heap virtue on the “poor” and the illegal immigrant, who turn a malcontent like Michael Brown into Medgar Evers, and who seem to despise the white country boy with a Confederate flag on his hat more than they dislike foreign Islamic terrorists. To the elites who run the Democrat Party, white middle class evangelicals are to be shamed as un-Christian because they believe it’s unfair that the poor are subsidized to the point of an equivalent lifestyle to them. Simply put, they are tired of pushing the wheelbarrow that, not only holds the poor, but also the rich crony capitalists, who also feed at the trough of the federal government.
Donald Trump, to his credit, understands these hard working Americans. He understands their anger. Before the election of 2016, Republicans did not even consider the possibility of carrying Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Those states were written off, forgotten about, if you will. But now, the farmers, assembly line workers, and coal miners from those states, who at one time would have never considered voting for a Republican, might never vote Democrat again. So what is the Democrat Party’s response to this? Well obviously these former Democrats, from states President Obama carried, are all a bunch of racists. They double down on the smears, and also the social agenda. After all, they would not want to lose that 0.01 percent of the public that identifies as a sex other than the one they biologically are.
To my friends in the 5th district, are you not tired of footing the bill for every cockamamie idea the central planners come up with? Does the continual increase in the cost of health insurance, and out of pocket costs, especially irritate you when you know that others are getting it for free, with no out of pocket costs? This country was built by people like you, yet you are the ones being smeared. You are the ones they loathe. They even want to take away your right to bear arms. So who does Jim Cooper side with? Well his campaign coffers didn’t swell up because of campaign donations from you, did it?
If you elect me, Glen Dean , you will finally have a Congressman that respects you, the law abiding, hard working men and women of district 5, more than the miscreants and malcontents lifted up by Jim Cooper and the Democrat party.
But friends, I need your help. One dollar, 5 dollars, whatever you can give, anything is appreciated. We don’t expect to raise as much as Jim Cooper, who feeds at the trough of wealthy lobbyists.
With just a little bit of cash though, and a really good message, we can and will win in November.